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Planning Out The Body Detox Diet

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How toxins make the life dull?

Do you always complain of tiredness, fatigue and stress? Body ache, swollen stomach and lethargy are making your life a dull one? Then you must be sure that body toxins are responsible for all these symptoms and if not treated in time may result in severe diseases like cancers of different types and respiratory disorders and heart diseases.

Why detox the body?

We can detox our body using different methods and flush out the harmful toxins so that our health gets improved and we can enjoy a happy life. Toxins make entry into the body by not only through the polluted air, water or soil but also through the foods and drinks we consume in our daily life. So the best way to prevent the toxins is to make a healthy diet plan which will be the body detox diet.

To start with a detox diet plan

The first thing is to avoid processed foods and beverages. Processed foods have preservatives which are harmful toxins. Stop taking alcohol or try to limit the intake. Food having refined sugar or saturated fats must be kept outside your body detox diet plan. Probiotics are included in the diet plan so that it replenishes the friendly bacteria of the colon.

Consume more liquid

To get rid of the toxins of the body and to cleanse the body from inside people need to fast. While planning for the body detox diet, no food should be taken and lots of water must be consumed. Tea without sweetening agent and lemon juice can also be taken. Lemon juice provides nutrition. The detox diet plan advice consumption of fresh organic vegetables and fruits.

Fibers are helpful

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The body detox diet plan also contains lots of fibrous food so that the stomach is clean and there is no accumulation of toxins there. The breakfast can be done with fresh fruits and in the lunch vegetables with no oil or boiled vegetables are recommended. Consuming raw fruits and vegetables ensure quicker way of detoxing.

How to choose the detox diet plan?

You must choose from a large number of body detox diet plans the one which suits you the best. The plan can be customized according to the need of your body. The diet plan should not be aiming at a short term benefit but it must change the eating habits of a person and change in the lifestyle should be permanent. Vitamins and herbs also help in detoxing the body. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and E are the main elements for detoxing the body.

Liquids as detoxin agents

The first thing taken in the morning should be a citrus juice such as a lemon juice and two glasses of water. The water consumed should be warm and it can be taken with a tablespoon of flaxseed. To avoid consumption of polluted water, we must use a water purifier.

Fruit and vegetable diet

Take fresh fruits like banana, grapes and papaya in your breakfast. Between the lunch and the breakfast, tea can be taken. Fresh fruit and vegetable salad can be taken in the lunch. In the evening tea can be consumed and in supper the same vegetable and fruit salad. The fruits and the vegetable used have to be the organic products.

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