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Full Body Detox - Natural Ways To Purify Your Body Inside Out

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We all know that detoxing ourselves at least once a year is good for our body. It is recommended by many doctors worldwide. Of course, caution is to be taken before we start at it and it is best to consult our physician before we get into detoxification. It is not advised for patients, nursing mothers and children. The best way to detoxing is to get rid of bad habits like smoking as tobacco is not only injurious, but is also a bad toxin.

Full body Detox is essential to our body’s well being. It helps in preserving our vital organs. This aids in our longevity of our life span. Flushing out of toxins is important. This process is not only simple, but also rational, i.e. we can have our vitamins intake, anti – oxidants etc, but if our colon is not functioning well or if our liver does not eliminates waste properly, then the decision to detox is pointless.

There are three major stages into full body detox cleansing.

  • Colon or Intestinal cleansing.
  • Kidney detox
  • Gall bladder and Liver and detox

Stage one – Colon or Intestinal cleansing.

Intestines or the colon is an significant part of the digestive system. And cleansing it , does not only mean, dealing with fecal matter, but also from the functions of digesting , nutrient absorption, processing of waste, to the boosting of immune system , drainage of toxins and other metabolic functions. Our body eliminates waste by way of urine and stools.

Drinking lots of fluids by way of water, lemon tea, ginger tea, and herbal detox teas aids in colon cleansing.

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Stage two –Kidney detox

Kidneys are vital organs of our body which helps in elimination of wastes and toxins. Detoxing of kidneys would include fresh natural veggies, fresh fruits and also lots of herbs. Fruits and vegetables are good cleansers because they have high fiber content value. Drinking lots of pure water, at least 10 to 12 glasses and passing out urine when the bladder is full is good sign of healthy kidneys.

Stage Three - Gall bladder and liver detox

Liver is the largest organ in the body. Liver secretes bile which aids digestion. Gall bladder is a storage unit for bile. Both the organs are indispensible to each other.

Spinach is a good example of green leafy veggies as it is high in chlorophyll which protects the liver. Another good source comes from Garlic. Green tea also beneficial as it has antioxidants called catechins which accelerate liver activity. The human body benefits from reducing fat intake. Reducing it puts less pressure on the gall bladder and so the organ does its job of supporting the liver’s function.

A full body detox is complete if the three major stages are carefully adhered to.


Home remedies are natural ways to a full body detox. Eating the right foods like fresh vegetables and fruits and drinking lots of water, heal the body which gives it a great start to detoxing. And of course, low intake of fat, caffeine and sugar is also good for the body’s well being. Exercising also plays a very important role in cleansing the vital organs and we should include it in our daily routine.

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