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Body Cleanse Detox - Healthy Way To Clean Our Body System

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What is Detoxification?

For many centuries around the world, ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicines promotes detoxification as a way of life. It is about purification of the body from inside out by nourishing, cleaning and sleeping. Detoxing removes and eliminates toxins and allows you to feed your body with natural and healthy nutrients which consecutively protects you from illnesses and helps you maintain favorable health. It is cleansing of the blood in the body by removing impurities in the liver, kidneys, intestines etc. where toxins are usually stored.

De tox is beneficial for everybody. In fact, many doctors recommend detoxing once in a year for health purposes. Indicators like tiredness, dark circles and puffy eyes, allergies and infections are all signs and one should de-tox to feel revitalized.

We need to accept few therapeutic techniques. We also need do away with cigarettes, coffee, and saturated fats like animal fat and polished or refined sugars to aid us in detoxing.

Where do you start?

A short detoxifying course or body cleanse detox is generally safe. But Doctors advises against this for children, breast – feeding mothers, and patients with illness. Before you start with detoxifying process, please consult your physician.

Inform your friends and family about your decision to detox so that they do not persuade you with actions that would distract you from detoxication process. Prepare yourself and set a period. Ideal time period is two weeks for body cleanse detox. Plan it in a way such that, there are no functions, family outings or any other distractions so as to keep you going.

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Include wholesome foods like unpolished grains, fruits, beans etc. in your diet. Food that is packed with nutrients and easily digestible supports detoxification. Foods that have gluten and refined flour, fish, eggs and meat must be avoided to sustain detox process.

Natural ways to Detox

  • Fruits – They are high in fluid content and are also easily digestible. These help in washing out toxins and are beneficial for the body as they have extraordinary amount of antioxidants, fiber and vital nutrients.
  • Greens - Organic leafy greens like spinach which has chlorophyll helps in cleansing of the colon. Include a lot of greens in your diet, which is a good body cleanse detox treatment.
  • Citrus fruits – Oranges known for its vitamin C contents boosts the digestive tract with enzymes. It’s also great for washing out toxins and the process of cleansing.
  • Garlic – This food ingredient is small in size but with abundant medicinal properties and is the best food for detox.
  • Green Tea – is also known for its immunity and this substance is full of antioxidant properties. It also aids in elimination of toxins from the body.
  • Omega 3 Oils- Olive oil or flax seed oil helps in detox. The toxins are absorbed and removed by the body.


Body cleanse detox is a great way to healthy living but one should remember that it must be done in a gradual manner. Detoxes begins with juices, and then ends with Raw food diet . This enables our body to revitalize and keep healthy. On the whole, detoxification means purification of the blood in the body for better lifestyle.

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