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How To Do Full Body Detox?

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In alternative medicine full body detox is a kind of therapy in order to get rid of all toxin substances from the body, which creates negative effect in anyone's health. It is an ancient Greek idea from where detoxification has evolved. As per this idea anything that you consume cannot produce toxin substance in your body.

Since this idea is connected with conventional medicine and therefore the idea of detoxification has become quite popular. Due to this full body detox process many new branches of physical therapy as well as dietary supplements have come into picture. Though this is a kind of therapy however it really takes care of individual’s lifestyle, aims and present condition of their wellbeing. The practitioners decide the details about detoxification therapies after analyzing the condition of the individual. The major part of this program includes vitamin therapy, fasting, colon therapy, herbal detox, and rapid detox.

Fasting - 3 week diet program

Out of all other methods this one of the easiest and inexpensive methods to try. However before starting this process it is necessary that the person may be properly examined by nutritionist or a health expert.

This kind of full body detox program can result into weight loss, an elated stomach and clear skin. You must follow certain diets during this period of 3 weeks which are listed as below:

Diet during Detoxification

You must consume following diets during full body detox process

Take more fish - You will get Omega-3 fatty acids & linolenic acids.

Eat grains - Grains not only have nutritional value but they are very light also. For much better result you must consume millet, Quinoa and buckwheat regularly. You can get all these material from any conventional health store.

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Beans - Green peas and lentils are very easy to get digested and they need least amount of soaking time.

Caffeine - You must reduce the intake of tea and caffeine. Instead of that you must take green tea to obtain better result.

Herbal Detox

You can take the suitable herbs any time however to get best result, it is necessary that you must take along with well balanced diet. In order to clean your liver it is totally fruitless to consume herbs while colon and intestine are blocked due to refined or waste food. All the contaminants of liver get into bowels and if it is blocked then waste will build up.

Detox diets are quite useful all by themselves but they can also be complemented with the help of natural herbs that can stimulate your digestive organs.

Following is a very effective herbal detox treatment which can be done during early morning:

You must mix lemon water together with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar & blackstrap molasses and drink it slowly. Then after an hour drink water after mixing psyllium husk powder. Take few glass of water further.

After taking meal take 3 multi-digestive enzymes along with milk thistle seeds. This can detoxify your liver.

Between meals you can take herbal tea. This also supports your liver.

You must maintain healthy diet during the process of detoxification. Some time there may be feeling of headaches, nausea and vomiting because of toxins getting released from body. In case you feel this then you can temporarily stop the detoxification process.

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