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Full Body Detox To Maintain A Healthy And Glowing Skin

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Full body detox is the process in which, all the toxins from your body are removed. The main function of lymphatic system is to carry the waste away from your body cells as well as blood. This lymphatic is made up of capillaries and veins with unidirectional valves which, contains the fluid known as lymph. All the cells in the body are surrounded by the lymph. Lymph carries the wastes from the body towards the heart and also passes through the nodes of lymph. There the white blood cells eliminate all the impurities from the blood.

Sources for the accumulation of toxins:

You could follow forceful flushing, as it removes the impurities from the lymph fluid and boosts up your immune system. Toxin accumulation in your body cells increases, when the flushing is done regularly in your body. So, full body detox will be helpful to you in removing the toxins from your body. There are two main reasons for the accumulation of toxins in your body. The reasons include some external sources like eating road side foods, exposure to pollution and drinking chemical oriented drinks.

The other sources of toxins are improper digestion and metabolic activities in your body. This problem is more frequently found in the city dwellers, due to the changes in their diet and life style. These toxins accumulate in your body, and damage your entire health. It leads to diseases like fatigue, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease and premature aging. So, the full body detox helps you to remove the accumulated toxins in your body.

Like cars, even our bodies need servicing. This servicing is here called as full body detox. Our human body has the capability of healing any health related problems. The only thing which you need to do is, to follow effective whole body detox. Having detox to your entire body is done through your diet, ayurvedic medicines, home care and herbal remedies. Besides, you could also follow vigorous exercises, which will decrease the fat level in your body as well as, brings out the toxins through sweat.

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You could have more fruit juices, fiber rich food, and Vitamin C rich food. You could have lemon juice and orange juices, which are rich in Vitamin C. Fiber rich food includes oats and green leafy vegetables. Besides you could also have carrot juice, beet root juice and spinach juice. You could mix a tablespoon of lemon juice and salt in warm water and have in the early morning on an empty stomach. This will relieve you from constipation and cures your digestive problems.

Home care:

You could use hot water and cold water for your bath alternatively for 10 minutes; this will detoxify your body completely, as well as relieves you from body pains too. Besides, you could do Yoga and meditation which will relax your entire body and improves the metabolic activities in your body and improves digestion too.


You could use Vitamin C supplements, which thoroughly detoxifies your body.

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