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Full Body Detox – A Step Towards Healthy Lifestyle

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What is full body detox?

Detoxification is generally a process of cleansing of impurities. Full body detox means subjecting one’s body to a prolonged process of purgation, to eliminate the body off accumulated toxic substances. It is all the more necessary for the lifestyle of the present generation which is more prone to have unhealthy life than the previous generations. The present generation is more subject to prolonged exposure to smoking and unhygienic food, which tends to impair the body’s natural detoxifying system. It is necessary to give the purgatory organs of the body some rest so that they function at their optimum limits again.

How to detoxify?

Detoxification usually means getting rid of impurities in the blood. The liver mainly does the work of filtering toxic substances from the body, but the intestines, kidney, skin, lungs and lymph are also associated with cleansing function.

To detoxify one’s body it is vital to give rest to the organs by fasting. One must primarily get rid of toxin inducing habits like smoking and drinking and instead refuel the body with useful nutrients.

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Some effective ways of achieving a full body detox

  • It is necessary to reduce the daily toxin load like alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, saturated fats and refined sugars. Household cleaners and health care products which are primarily chemical-based should be got rid of temporarily. Instead natural alternatives should be opted for.
  • A major deterrent to a healthy body is stress. Stress induces the body to release specific stress hormones like adrenalin which are very helpful in providing the necessary push required to achieve a target, but in the process it produces a considerable amount of toxins which hamper the maximum functioning of liver and other organs. So it is of utmost importance to distress oneself.
  • One must go through a week long regime of liquid diet, where only juices of fresh vegetables and fruits along with a lot of water should be consumed.
  • One ancient practice in many cultures is to have only water once a week, in order to give the detoxifying organs of the body time to relax and rejuvenate in order to refunction properly.
  • One must always try to breathe deeply in order to provide maximum air to the lungs. It is a very effective detoxification method.
  • Vitamin C should be consumed occasionally, as it produces a liver compound called glutathione which facilitates the detoxification process.
  • Hydrotherapy is a very effective way of achieving detoxification of the body. One must take a hot water shower for few minutes, making the water on the back to run and then follow it with thirty seconds cold water shower. One must repeat this thrice and then relax for about thirty minutes.
  • Doing yoga, exercises or rigorous physical training is very useful as accumulated toxins are released as perspiration through skin cells.
  • A regular diet containing generous amounts of fruits, vegetables and fibers goes a long way in achieving a full body detox.

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