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Cleansing the toxic-ridden body system is called detoxification. Body Detox At Home helps you to enhance the well-being and health of the body. Pesticides used in vegetables, products for body-care and preservatives supply ample amount of toxins to the human body. Due to this, we suffer from health-related problems linked to respiration, colon and intestine. Building blocks of our life can be maintained by regular exercise, good lifestyle, and organic diet consisting of fruits, leafy vegetables, etc.

Body Detox At Home takes three-to-one week time to complete the process. Kindly consume at least by 8 10 glasses of water, before the process gets started. When the process is on, avoid material like Coffee, soda, alcohol, preservative foods, food with artificial ingredient and tobacco. Go for organic vegetables and fruits. Weight management is possible through this program.

  • Brushing the skin: Lymphatic cells will be stimulated, remove toxins from system, can be done in homely atmosphere, must be done before bath and bed time. Feet, toe and sole must be first brushed. Then brush upwards till the hip of the body. With upward movement brush the lower back. Brush hand, arm till the armpit area. With downward movement approach, brush behind the neck. In the stomach area, try to brush in circular motion or clockwise movement.
  • For weight-loss: Change your eating habits. Prefer leafy vegetables, Whole-grained wheat products, low-sugar fruits, water which is alkalized, avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks, etc. Consume at least 8 10 full-size glass a day. Fast or fast with water/juice which is not carbonated for a couple of days. Regular exercise, short walk, afternoon nap and give time to private affairs, will freshen-up your life. The three different ways of Body Detox At Home are healthy diet, natural supplements and body wrap.

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  • Detox Kidney/Liver etc: The function of kidneys is to remove impurities, release hormones, salts, uric acids, ammonia and excess water from the blood stream which is coming from the heart. Diabetic patients, Blood pressure and long history patients of kidney must detox at home, regularly to clean the system. Common symptoms like headache, confused mentally, pain in muscle, lack of coordination and fatigue, irritation of skin and nerve disorder happens due to toxic accumulation in liver. Intake of supplements for three months will detoxify kidney and liver. Specifically, this process must be done alone, not with colon detoxification.
  • Colon detox: Colon cleansing can be done by doing juice fasting or by simple fasting. Couple of days after this process, we must resume normal dieting. Fasting with juice enhances the bowel movement and rejuvenate digestive system. Do it monthly, to loose excess weight. Special diet which consists of immense amount of salads, fruits and high-fibrous leafy vegetables must be used, in this process.

Normal human-being must set aside time for Body Detox At Home at organized surroundings, creating a mini-home made spa, special diet menu with fruits and fibrous vegetables, have body wraps of oil or clay which will allow you to create a more vibrant and healthy body.

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