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Home Body Detox Get Rid Of Harmful Substances

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There are several toxins and harmful substances present around us in water, air, cosmetics, and even in our toiletries and food. These toxins and substances include chemicals, carcinogens, additives, hormone disruptors, contaminants and poisons. All these are a threat to our body. Luckily, there are several effective ways to remove harmful substances from the body. One of the most popular and effective way is home body detox.

The main reason behind the body detox at home is to get rid of all the destructive substances from our body. The toxicants that we consume through various sources are normally stacked away in the body fat. Several parts of the body such as kidneys, lungs, skin, and liver, mainly works to treat the environmental contaminants and throw them out from our body. Therefore, the need for home body detox arises so that all these body organs work efficiently.

There are several ways to accomplish natural body detoxification. Some of the most popular and effective home body detox is detox diet, nutritional pills or supplements, body patches or wraps.

Detox Diet

A detox diet means abstaining from the food that we eat in our routine life. In this, you are recommended to eat food that includes organic and high fiber foodstuff. Most of the body-detox advisers claim that lot of toxins and harmful substances causes more than 90% of all diseases.

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A perfect detoxification diet is one, which avoids processed flour and white sugar. You should control on eating your favorite dishes, since in detox diet there is restriction on the intake of most food items. On the other hand, vegetables and fruits get significant importance in this diet. The most important element in this diet is water. You should drink lot of water and limit the consumption of alcohol.


Fasting might be in the form of liquid intake in which you can drink either water or juice. You will be able to acquire some nutrition by way of drinking juice. You will also find lot of fibers in juice, which helps in eliminating the toxins out of your body. You should stick to natural and organic juices and not the flavored sugar water or highly processed concentrates labeled as juice.

Body Wraps

Body wraps are one of the highly effective home body detox program, which include body wrapping in healthy substances. It is an effort to eliminate toxins out of the body. These healthy substances include sea salt, herbs, and several clays.

Foot patches also work same as the body wraps, in which they draw out harmful substances from the body. Normally, foot patches are applied at the bottom of the foot and put on during night at the time of sleeping. The next morning, they are removed from the foot and by this process the toxins are also removed.

Supplements Or pills

Home body detox can also be achieved by taking supplements and pills. These pills are especially designed to clean the colon. They are usually taken for three to four weeks, which helps to restore the lost nutrients during restricted eating plan.

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