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Body Detox Diet - What To Include What To Exclude

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Body detox diet is the diet that helps you to remove toxins from your body and make you feel active and energetic. When all the food is suspected to contain toxins and poison, detox diets has become more popular and has its own place in dietary campaign. A detox diet helps in cleaning chronic toxins, resulting in more energy throughout the day and more good health.

Fasting once in a week can also help removing toxins from body but most of the people feel uncomfortable for staying hungry for few hours in a day. So, here we are presenting few suggestions of detoxifying your body that will help in a long run.

Most people can keep water fast for even three days. These people should be sure to use purified or mineral water only. During the time of fasting, they should reduce their daily activities like physical movements and activities.

No physician or health professional will recommend you to keep three-day water fast. Instead, it is the best practice to consume fresh fruit and vegetable juices for three days to detoxify your body.

Here we are suggesting some simple steps to help people deciding their body detox diet plan.

After fasting for three days, for one week, consume only some fruit with your every meal.

Body Detox diet - Breakfast

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In breakfast, have a digestive food like melon. Eat till your stomach is full. All type of fruits are good to eat in breakfast like watermelon, gala, honeydew, and cantaloupe.

Body Detox diet - Lunchtime

Consume plenty of fruit like oranges, pineapples, grapefruit or plums whatever you want. Eat till your stomach gets filled. At 4 p.m. in evening, have a large glass of carrot juice.

Detox Diet - Evening

In evening too, consume plenty of any one fruit like bananas, grapes, apples or pears and eat till your stomach get full. For whole week, you can change your fruits preferences. You can start doing some light household duties or office work but do not let yourself be exhausted with heavy work. Don't let your energy go off. Some of you may feel the side effects like sometime nausea, tiredness, and light-headedness. You need to take plenty of rest and sleep.

You can detoxify your body with different types of diet plans and programs. The Body Detox Diet helps in removing all the harmful toxins from your body completely. This diet helps in treating many health problems and disorders at one side, and on other hand it helps in reducing the weight and reshapes your body.

There are different types of body detox diets depending on the requirement of person and all these diets help in losing weight too. Before starting any diet plan, you should consult with your dietician and physician about your diet plans.

Whenever you plan to start your diet plan, give an important place to the fruits and vegetables as your major detox diet. These fruits and vegetables play an important role in your diet plan campaign. You can include herbal tea in your diet plan to have the benefits of herbs as well as a large quantity of water should have an important place in your diet campaign.

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