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Learn The Art Of Healthy Living With Body Detox Diet

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Now, we are in an era of new found diseases and lot of complicated issues related to health. This can be attributed to increased levels of pollution, stress or changed life styles. Around 40%of world’s population is suffering from different kinds of allergies.

Our bodies are overstuffed with various kinds of chemicals that may be in the form of pesticides, preservatives, air and water pollutants, drugs, house hold cleaners and many more. In this predicament, body detox diet is alluring and trains us towards a better healthy life.

The meaning of detox

Detox refers to detoxification. It is a natural continuous process of eliminating toxins, something that has got the capacity to harm the body tissues, present in the body leaving you feeling heal and healthy.

The Effect of Toxins

Our body is designed to carryout detoxification routine via the digestive tract, kidney, skin, liver and lungs. In our body, solid waste and some other toxins are excreted via the feces. Elimination of heavy metals takes place through sweat and urine.

The lungs flush out the toxic gases present in the blood. When our body is exposed to various types of chemicals over a period of time, body fails to eliminate these toxins effectively. In this way, toxic substances start re-circulating through the blood stream causing more and more damage to the body and affecting our immune system.

This shows in the form of development of tumors, Ulcers in gastrointestinal tract, acidic imbalances and many more. When our own waste disposal mechanism becomes sluggish we feel tired, restless and start experiencing all types of unknown illnesses. Now, the body requires an external detox like body detox diet to clean up from inside and to facilitate excellent health.

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How detox diet works?

Detox diet is a short duration diet, which includes herbs, fruits, vegetables and other ways which assist us in eliminating toxins that have dumped inside our body. Body detox diet mainly aimed at reducing the amount of harmful chemicals that we take inside.

At the same time, everybody needs to emphasize on diets that provide more of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. These actually help the body to detoxify effectively and enhance the effective functioning of internal organs.

Simple body detox diet

  • Include diets rich in fiber like brown rice, fresh fruits, vegetables and sea weeds.
  • Increase the intake of fluids like green tea, milk, butter milk, juices.
  • Drink lots of fresh water.
  • Every day consume 2 gms of vitamin – C
  • Practice deep breathing exercises for more oxygen intake and be optimistic in life.
  • Exercise daily to improve blood circulation.
  • Encourage sweating.
  • Eat lot of green vegetables.
  • Completely avoid the intake of highly saturated and processed foods

Before considering any body detox diet, you must consult your health practitioner. Children, pregnant and nursing women should not consider any detox diet. Those with diabetes, autoimmune diseases, terminal illness and other chronicle conditions should attempt under the supervision of their health practitioner or should not attempt at all.

It is recommended to try any body detox diets once or twice a year to rejuvenate and improve your health. It may cause nutrient deficiencies, if followed for long durations. Once detox diet is started, visible results can be noticed with in the period of 3 months.

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