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Detox Therapy With The Colon Cleansing

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In anyway our body metabolism has not modified over the past several hundred years, yet our diet has definitely altered a lot. We are assaulting our bodies with stuff like antibiotic/hormone filled meats, refined sugar and white flour, foods ridden with pesticides and preservatives and much more. These kinds of food hasten the production of toxic wastes. Now, the effective elimination of toxins and wastes is the huge challenge that our body is facing.

As per the studies, toxins cause cancer because of cell damage. In the world, second most important cause of cancer is Colon cancer. Toxins also cause diseases like joint pain, liver and skin diseases and others. Pills won’t provide permanent relief from these ailments. Maintaining a clean and well internal environment is the one way of finding the root cause of this situation. Colon cleansing will be the first step in this direction.

Location and function of colon

It is the part of the large intestine which runs from the cecum down towards the rectum. The function of large intestine is to store waste, help to maintain electrolyte and water balance, and to reabsorb water. This does not have any role in the process of digestion, which takes place in small intestine.

All need a colon cleansing

As we clean our cars, toilets and furniture, our body also requires a regular cleaning to get rid of accumulated junk inside our organs like large intestine. These deposits affect the absorption of necessary nutrients from the blood. This in turn affects our auto immune system giving rise to different kinds of diseases. In such predicaments, Colon cleansing helps us to maintain a strong and clean body.

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Process of colon cleansing

It is a process of detoxification, which eliminates the mucoid plaque from the colon. It starts with an altered diet that is full of fruits and raw vegetables. Intake of processed foods will need to be minimized. Main focus will be on the complete digestion and utilization of food by not allowing toxins to build up. A real colon cleansing procedure will take several weeks to few months based on the constitution of the body.

Natural diet for colon cleansing

  • Fasting on fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Taking some natural colon cleansing supplements that kill worms and parasites and contains digestive enzymes.
  • Increasing the intake of Probiotics that is the beneficial bacteria.
  • Consuming Herbs that stimulate the function of intestines, gallbladder and liver like flax seeds, psyllium husk.
  • Salt water enema and others.

Benefits of colon cleansing

  • Healthy weight and healthy life style.
  • Relief from constipation.
  • Removes toxins and indigested food.
  • More productive life.
  • Avoidance of agonizing effects indigestion.
  • Elimination of parasites that cause dangerous health conditions.
  • Improved immune system and vitality.

Precautions to be taken before colon cleaning

First check with your medical practitioner, incase you are on any particular medication or have any health problem. Make sure that equipments used for colon cleansing are disposable and previously haven’t been used. Cleanse your body to keep the diseases away.

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