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The Best Body Detox Recipe

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Did you start your body detox? Or you are still in search of the most convenient one. If yes, then be ready to gain all the information you need about the best body detox recipe. There are many methods that have become famous with time. The wise decision will be to choose the best one that suits you.

What is detox bath?

The body detox can be carried out in many ways. Did you ever hear about a detox bath? We are much aware of the fact that bathing with warm water gives us great relief. At the same time, if we mix some oils and natural herbs in water we can get a wonderful body detox recipe because they penetrate into the body to eliminate the toxins thus leaving the body refreshed and relaxed.

Different detox baths:

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  • One of the most popular baths is the combination of baking soda and epsom salt. We should mix two cups of baking soda and one cup of epsom salt which leaves the skin smooth and soft. Also they have vital minerals in them which aid to the detoxification function. You can also add some drops any fragrant oil if you wish and some glycerin would help if skin is dry.
  • You can try another bath with a cup of corn starch mixed with two cups of milk powder and added to the water. You can also add some dried leaves of chamomile to your bath. This would be a great body detox recipe.
  • Three tablespoons of oatmeal powder mixed in your bath acts as a great scrub to your body. You can even include your baby soap by grating it into the above mixture.
  • Did you ever bath with ginger? Sounds strange? Yes you can add some ginger powder to the water and take bath. You will fell a good detox.

In addition to these helping bath detox recipes we should also try to change our food habits. We consume many chemicals present in air, water and food without our knowledge. After knowing about the harmful chemicals I am sure everyone would wish to go for the body detox recipe.

Detox yourself with juices:

  • It is found that the fastest and most effective detox recipe would be with the juices. If you can keep yourself to do fasting with only juices then it would be the best detox and will also help in weight loss.
  • You can strictly rely on a three day apple juice detox. It requires you to have water at least eight to ten glasses, apple juice (unfiltered), apple sauce and apple vinegar and virgin olive oil. You should strictly eat only those stated above for three days continuously
  • Lemon juice is one of the most important body detox recipe one could follow. If continued on a regular basis a lemon juice is very effective. All you need to do is squeeze a half lemon and add some grounded ginger and mix well with two tablespoons of maple syrup. Take all these in a glass of water and go for it on a daily basis. Lemon contains citric acid which helps in breaking the bacteria.

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