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The Simple Way Of Getting Fit - Body Detox Home Remedy

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Our body is exposed to thousands of toxins present in air, water and food. Nature has provided us a natural body detox system, in form of an organ called liver. Most of the toxin which enters our blood through food and air is detoxified by various biochemical processes, which takes place in liver.

Accumulation of toxins in our body can result in severe illness. Especially, accumulation of ammonia in our body can lead to encephalopathy, in which brain functions are reduced. Detoxifying our body is a simple process. Body detox home remedy is the best way to detoxify our body, without any physical activity.

Now, the question arises that how can you know that your body requires detoxification? The answer is simple, our body responds to the accumulated toxins in following ways:

Hence, it is important for us to cleanse our body, at least once a month and get rid of the toxins, which have a harmful effect on us.

Herbs which can be used for body detox home remedy are:


It is a strong detoxifying herb. Dandelion contains polysaccharide insulin, which stimulates immune system and helps in removing toxins from each cell of our body. It also stimulates liver to produce bile and helps in better digestion of fat.

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Milk thistle:

This is the best body detox home remedy. It is also called as liver tonic. It contains silymarin, which is responsible for repairing the damage caused to liver by alcohol and other toxins. When liver gets repaired, it functions well and helps in removing the toxins from body. This herb is prescribed to people with liver disorders. If prescribed to a healthy person, it strengthens the function of detoxification.

Licorice root:

This herb acts as an antiviral and antioxidant. It also has an antibody stimulating property. This helps our body to get rid of waste products and viral infections, thus providing a healthy environment inside our body. This herb has been used as an important treatment for kidney ailments, from ancient times.

Cascara Sagrada:

This herb is a mild laxative. It helps in getting rid of bowel, in cases of constipation. Thus indirectly helps in removing wastes from our body. It has a property of increasing secretions of stomach, pancreas and intestine. Thus helps in through washing of the gastrointestinal tract.

Black Walnut Hulls:

Black walnut hulls are the best remedy to get rid of intestinal parasites. It also helps us to get rid of fatty materials and toxins, which accumulate in our body.


Body detox home remedy is the simplest way for body detox. Body detox should go in following system cleansing: bowel, liver, kidney, blood and lymph. This helps to get rid of toxins in a more effective way. As soon as you can recognize the signs and symptoms of accumulation of toxins in your body, start the body detox therapy. You can get the effects in two to three days.

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