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Body Detox - Healthy And Happy Living

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Body Detox is a process followed to remove all the gathered up unnecessary toxins in the body. It will help us get rid of the symptoms which include feeling enervated throughout the day, bloated stomach and feel healthy again. By detoxification we help the cells remove unnecessary toxins and help them function in full force.

Why is Body Detox necessary?

The accumulated toxins in the body which was resulted due to our contact with the surroundings may lead to heart related health problems and Cancer. In order to avoid this Body Detox is necessary. This helps to maximize the function of each organ effectively.

Body Detox is advised atleast once a year and the Detox plan which best suits the individuals lifestyle should be followed.

Beginner’s advice for Body Detox

  • Consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and foods which contain large fat content should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Use of shampoos, deodorants and chemical based products should also be minimized.
  • Increasing the use of natural products which will make life healthier
  • Stress plays a major role in augmenting the hormones which help in body detoxification.
  • Canned food should be avoided as much as possible as the preservatives in them have toxins which inhibit the cells functioning.
  • Consumption of fast foods should also be minimized.
  • Improper sleep patterns also return in the accumulation of undesired toxins in the body which will slow down our body functioning system.

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Body Detox takes more than a day but if done efficiently helps the body rejuvenate the cells.

Methods to be followed for Body Detox

  • Increase in organic intake like fruits grown without the use of harmful chemicals helps in Body Detox.
  • Drinking at least 5 liters of water everyday helps in thorough cleaning.
  • Increasing the intake of fruits and nuts will help a lot.
  • Working on the mind plays a major role in Body Detox. This can be done by always letting positive thoughts and emotion run through our mind.
  • Getting more fresh air by taking brisk walks also helps a lot.
  • Fiber intake should also be increased and drinking green tea also helps in detoxification process.
  • Reducing the intake of fruit juices, caffeine and sodas also helps.
  • Detoxification process should not be carried out under heavy stress as it results in stressing the body further.
  • Fasting should be avoided as much as possible as fasting slows down the body mechanism and it results in accumulation of various toxins.
  • Acupuncture can also be followed which results in bringing back body balance.
  • Detox foot spas and foot bath also help in removing toxins.
  • Having regular bowel movements does not let the toxins get absorbed into the body.
  • Hydrotherapy can also be followed by taking hot water baths and cold water bath alternatively and then lying down for 30 minutes.
  • Vitamin C is important as it produces glutathione which helps in reducing toxins.

Following these general steps will help in Body Detox and rejuvenates the cells thoroughly.

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